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Dear SPIRIT-LED Homeschool Moms & Dads,

You might feel READY OR NOT for this Fall. You're NOT if you're unaware of what I have to share. Your and your children's spiritual and physical well-being might be at stake if you ignore or are ignorant of this LOOMING THREAT. More than all the other recent changes that have occurred, God changed the TIME. God's warned of perils in the Hour ahead for which we need to prepare. 

Are you aware of this shift in God's clock? We have entered God's Kingdom Age, Era, Season, and Hour. In the FREE 3 Day Homeschool Accelerator Online Workshop, You'll learn why these new time divisions, Kingdom Age, Era, Season, and Hour are relevant and significant to you and your family

These imminent changes have been revealed through God's prophets. God does nothing without first telling His prophets because God wants you to be prepared for the future.

What if you don't respond appropriately to these Divine TIME changes. What if you don't align with God's purposes and will? What if you're living as if TIME hasn't changed...BUT I bet you'd rather stay focused on the positive. What if you do?

What does a time shift look like in the natural world? Here's an example from United States' history:

Within a ONE month of entering WWII, America's manufacturing companies pivoted to produce what was needed to win the war. Manufacturers retooled and retrained their workforce to win the war.

In the FREE 3 Day Homeschool Accelerator Workshop, you will accelerate your ability to enter your purpose in God's TIME as you take this T.R.I.P.


Train Your Physical Senses to Work with Spiritual Discernment


Receive Revelation from Prophets re: God's NEW TIME in His-story


Integrate Your Senses, Discernment & Revelation for this NEW TIME


Plan - Align, Assign & Activate Your Plan

How will we find our way? With the Issachar anointing. The Sons of Issachar were men God gifted with an understanding of the times to lead Israel with the knowledge of what they should do.

God is calling you into alignment to learn what you should do at this TIME. Consider this an Advance Retreat. That is, Retreat into His Presence to Advance into your future.

In the rest and refreshment of His presence, you'll gain knowledge and understanding and time to apply prayer, worship & wisdom to activate the benefits of your T.R.I.P. into God's TIME zone.

You can expect to gain insights, experience, and activations that will give you peace, hope, joy, and courage to go through the growing pains of transformation. As God shakes the things that can be shaken, God's glory will be revealed.

Do you love adventures with God! In this FREE 3-day Homeschool Accelerator workshop, your online Advance Retreat, I will share supernatural experiences to encourage and equip you to shift into your NEW present and future together with your family.

God's calling you to join me with other members of God's family to take this T.R.I.P. together. Will you answer His call to participate?

You’re about to Shift from Unprepared to Aligned and Ready! From Unsure to Confident & Courageous!

Welcome to the Homeschool Accelerator family group! 

Bride of Christ, like Esther, you were born for such a time as this!

Grace and Love to you, in Jesus' name!

Lindy Swanson

Your Issachar-Anointed, Homeschool Accelerator T.R.I.P. Guide

P.S.  Replays contain Time-sensitive Information. Jump into the FB group ASAP. You and your family's well-being might depend upon it.

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